About this website

This website is statically generated from Markdown sources using nanoc, a static site generator written in Ruby. The page templates are written in ERB, various Ruby helpers generate the navigation bars, navigation pages, tag pages and image galleries. I will publish details about these helpers and about the site under the nanoc tag.

Third-party code

The generated code is (meant to be) standard-compliant HTML 5 and CSS. In contrast to the previous page, this site employs JavaScript for the navigation elements, it should, however, fall back gracefully to a pure HTML page.

The JavaScript code uses jQuery, the lightbox I use is fancybox.

The CSS incorporates this CSS Reset.


One design goal of this site was to protect users’ privacy as far as possible. For this reason, no external assets are loaded, all files required by the page are available on my server.

This will slow down initial loading, but does not send any information about your visiting my website to anyone.