New technology!

It has finally happened: After years of negligence, I have converted this website from Wordpress to a statically generated website using nanoc. For technical details see the about page.

This will hopefully allow me to update the website more easily and hence more frequently. In particular, the creation of image galleries will be much easier, which should (hopefully) lead to more images on the page.

For now, only (part of) the public part of the website is online, as I slowly migrate content from the old site to the new. The private part of the website will be made available soon, and you will get an email with your new password.

I will also post a series of articles containing more technical details under the nanoc tag.

Finally, as a reminder-to-myself, this is the list of missing functionality, in no particular order:

  • Finish conversion of private page.
  • Mobile-friendly layout.
  • Extraction of EXIF information from images.
  • List of recently-read books.
  • Proper multi-language support.
  • Online registration and password changing (for now, just send me a quick email)
  • Comments.
  • Atom/RSS feed.
  • Content helper filter for myself.
  • W3C validation and typogruby support.
  • Admin area, using dillinger or Wikitten or something similar.
  • More content!
  • More images!